Top 5 Pokemon Types

pokemon all typesThese are our Top 5 Pokemon Types

Pokemon differ in many aspects. From their look, which is obvious over their ability to learn specific attacks, to the way they make sounds. The Pokemon type is another very significant factor, if not the most. There are 18 kinds of Pokemon types, but this list only has place for the TOP 5. So without further talk lets get right into this!


pokemon poison type emblemPlace 5 – Poison

gengar gifPoison has never in history done anything good to organic living. The same goes for Pokemon exposed to poison. They will suffer a bit each turn and eventually go K.O. from it. That’s what makes a poison involved Pokemon fight always really unpredictable.
Our favourite Poison type Pokemon are Koffing, Nidoking and Gengar. These 3 oldschoolers can become ultra strong poison loaded fight machines and they will make your enemies Pokemon wonder where up and down is.

pokemon ground type emblemPlace 4 – Ground

diglett gif

Ground type Pokemon are strong for a reason: They live on the ground, meaning they’re commonly really heavy compared to other Pokemon types like Ghost Type Pokemon or Flying Type Pokemon. This is also the reason why most of their attacks are of physical nature.

Our favourite Ground type Pokemon are Torterra, Mega Camerupt and Diglett. Ground type Pokemon have a high range of super effective types like Electro, Fire or Steel. This means the damage done will double whenever fighting one of these types.

pokemon dragon type emblemPlace 3 – Dragon

dragonite gifWell yeah even the Pokemon Games got them. Dragon type Pokemon usually appear later in the game. The reason for this is unsurprisingly their strength. A really high percentage of the strongest Pokemon are dragon type Pokemon. They also have the all in all biggest potential when it comes to training and leveling them.
Mega Rayquaza, Salamence and Dragonite. Searching through Dragon type Pokemon, we noticed that there is almost no way to catch or other way gather a dragon type Pokemon in the early game. This should make clear that they are nothing to joke with!

pokemon fire type emblemPlace 2 – Fire

ho oh gif

What could do more damage to your opponent than setting them on fire? Sometimes we wonder if its not a bit weird to let kids use Fire type Pokemon in moral aspects. But never the less visual effects are completely pixelated in the games. Or just not as harmful a we thought in the anime.

Fire type Pokemon are not as rare as dragon type Pokemon. In every Pokemon game so far, you had to start out with a fire type Pokemon. The most famous of them being Charmander. Two other fire type Pokemon we couldn’t resist mentioning are Ponyta and Ho-oH.

pokemon electro type emblemPlace 1 – Electric

pikachu gif

Who remembers Ashs first time getting hit by Pikachus thunder shock attack? (If  you missed it click here) Not only do electric Pokemon make a big part of the Pokedex, we also highly advise to use them for fight!

Should you ever come to the Point of having to use an electric Pokemon (when encountering a flying type gym leader like Falkner from Violet City) we highly would recommend using Pikachu, Zapdos or Magneton.




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